Pallet Net Wrap

We offer this Net wrap in hand held rolls and machine rolls. It can be tailored to individual requirements for a specific form of packaging.

Pallet Net Wrapping works like regular pallet wrap but allows your product to breath. Light weight yet strong, this elastic film will hold your goods during transport and storage.

We offer Non Stretch, and Stretch type giving up to 25% elongation. This allows the wrap to hug the products securely while being handled/shipped.

UV Protected or non UV protected as required

Hand Rolls
Ref: 20″ x 3,300′ feet + Stretch 25%
UV: Yes, 180kly min
Core: 2″
Size: 20″ x 3,300 feet
Packs: 6 per pack

Machine Rolls
Ref: 20″ x 10,000′ feet + Stretch 25%
UV: As required.
Core: 3″
Size: 20″ x 10,000 feet
Per Pallet: 60 rolls

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    Please note we only ship by courier and cannot ship to PO Boxes