BAG Supplies Canada (BSCL) is based in New Hamburg, Ontario. The company was founded and is owned and directed by Maurice Wilson and has been successfully trading in Canada since 2008 supplying various ranges of packaging materials including Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers / (Tote Bags), PP Sacks and all types of Net Bags, plain or printed. Also the same business started in the UK 28 years ago, and still running today.

Being a small to medium sized company allows us to minimize and control overheads as well as provide our products at competitive prices. Quality of products supplied combined with personal service is the key element for success and with which the company has enjoyed continued growth. In conjunction with this we have our own warehouse which allows us to service our bulk bag customers requirements very effectively, both in Ontario and throughout North America.


To our valued customers, we would like to inform you that we are still open for business, however we are practicing social distances as recommend by the government, yet we are able to fulfill your orders.

I have been asked by many of our customers what to expect regarding the short- and long-term effect of Covid-19 on the supply chain. It will have a profound impact on the procurement of FIBC / PP big bags for the whole of 2021 on the global scale.

Planning ahead is vital to meet all the new challenges of 2021 and continue to fulfill your demand. Four essential issues you should keep in mind for your FIBC / PP big bag purchases for 2021.

  • Inventory stocks need to be increased. Conditions have changed several times during 2020, both improved and worsen. And because we still don’t know when the pandemic will be over it’s a good idea to hold more stock in inventory.
  • Longer lead times. Due to multiple factors in relation to the pandemic, domestic lock downs, container shortages, reduces shipping lane capacity we do experience much longer lead times. Fluctuation in global demand has significant changed the rules. Making lead times 14-16 weeks which is now becoming normal during 2021 and for the foreseeable.
  • Set up by the FIBC supplier. With all the new challenges it is important that your supplier have very flexible set ups. So that your partner does not rely solely on 1-2 producers from China or India. But enable you to source from more local vendors when needed, hence the reason BAG Supplies Canada hold a large inventory where possible. Set up of FIBC experts will ensure that crucial issues are caught up front.
  • Work close with your FIBC partner. Now more than ever. By establishing a strong partnership with your FIBC partner, you will get access to the needed information. Communication is the vital to overcome the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We supply a large range of packaging materials to various major accounts in the Mineral, Seed, Chemical, Food, Recycled, Woodland and Seafood industries, and all packaging supplied is from our preferred list of ISO registered manufacturers with whom we work closely to ensure that the quality of product always meets the individual customers requirements.

If we do not stock the product you require, then we can have it made to your own specification.

BAG Supplies Canada Ltd. is honoured to be the recipient of the Stratford and District Chambers of Commerce 2020 Business Excellence Award in the Commercial Category.

We want to congratulate all of the nominees in our category and all other businesses who were part of the awards nominations.

As the owner of BAG Supplies Canada Ltd., I am very proud of this accomplishment and I appreciate the hard work and dedication that my team has shown to the company and our customers.

We are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to grow, and remain committed to providing excellent products and service to our customers.

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