Firewood Kindling Bag

These fine monofilament kindling or firewood mesh bags are made from polypropylene which is 100% recyclable and comes in many sizes and colours are required. They are very strong, to protect the wood. This allows drying with maximum ventilation. They have a drawstring at the top of each bag to close. We offer plain bags, standard printer bags, and custom printing as required. These firewood bags are all UV protected. Heat sealed labels are only available on specific bags.

Minimum order quantities for e-commerce are as follows: 100pc box, 250pc box available in sizes and colours below.

1000pc bale, or multiples of
**volume discounts apply

Stock Sizes

7 x 10″
18 x 25 cm
Red or Purple
20 x 18″50 x 46 cmRed  “soft mesh”
20 x 18″50 x 46 cmRed  “firm mesh”
20 x 24″50 x 60 cmGreen
24 x 24″60 x 60 cmBlack

    Please note we only ship by courier and cannot ship to PO Boxes