Polypropylene Sacks

Coated sacks are made from seamless, circular fabric with a protective coating to provide maximum product protection. For hazardous chemicals we are able to provide a UN approved sack.
BAG Supplies can supply coated and uncoated woven polypropylene. We ship country-wide in a range of sizes from 9×12″ (23 x30cm) to 32×59″ (80x150cm) as well as being available in two strengths – standard and superior as per customer requires.

We also offer “BOPP” Sacks as per customers requirements, and also “Paper Poly design“, Paper on the out side or Paper on the inside,  Paper can be Brown or White.

“Valve bags” as per customer requirements.

packing 10



Paper/Poly Sacks as per customer requirements.

Printing, in single or multi colours, 1 or 2 sides.

We can offer;

Single fold Hemmed tops and stitched, also Single fold Ultrasonic hemmed tops,

Single fold base single stitched. SFSS.

Single fold base Double stitched.  SFDS

Double fold, single or double stitched. DFSS, DFDS.


The 5Product Range includes:
– White Opaque Sacks
– Coloured Sacks
– Sacks with liners, loose or sewn in
– Coated Sacks
– Sandbags

Sand Bags with Ties
14×26″ (36x66cm) White / Orange
17×27″ (43x69cm) White / Orange                                                                   

Polypropylene Sack Sizes
9×12″ (23x31cm)
13×30″ (34x76cm)
15×20″ (38x51cm)
15×22″ (38x56cm)
16×30″ (40x76cm) Clear Poly
18×24″ (45x60cm)
18×24″ (45x61cm) Heavy Duty
18×26″ (46x66cm)
18×30″ (46x76cm)
19×36″ (48x91cm)
20×30″ (50x75cm)
20×30″ (50x75cm) Vented strips, White/Clear
20×32″ (50x80cm)
20×36″ (50x90cm)
20×40″ (50x102cm)
21×40″ (52x102cm)
21×29″ (52x74cm)
21×36″ (52x90cm)
22×36″ (55x90cm)
22×38″ (55x97cm)
24×39″ (60x100cm)
24×39″(60x100cm) Green
18x6x39″ (46x14x100cm)
26×40″ (66x102cm)
21x5x40″ (53x12x102cm)
27×45″ (68x114cm)
27×51″ (68x130cm)
30×45″ (75x115cm)
30×53″ (75x135cm)
31×58″ (79x147cm
32×59″ (80x150cm)
51×62″ (130x158cm)
40×54″ (102x138cm)

Sacks with Liners Sewn at Mouth
10×22″ (26x56cm)
10×24″ (26x61cm)
15×22″ (38x56cm)
17×28″ (43x72cm)
20×30″ (50x75cm)
20×35″ (50x90cm)
22×28″ (55x70cm)
22×38″) (55x97cm)
24×39″ (60x100cm) Cuffed
26×45″ (66x114cm) Cuffed
26×53″ (66x135cm) Cuffed

We stock; Single fold base Double stitched, SFDS
Double Stitched base PP Sacks and with Ultrasonic Top Hemmed. This makes the bases extra strong, and the Ultrasonic hems removes any treads.

Easy Openings; Ideal for fast and easy opening of bags.

Paper Poly designs;