Bag Loading Trays

Bag Loading Trays

The Bag Loading Tray is a device that helps to makes the filling of Net/Mesh bags easier, faster, and more enjoyable which will increase production. 

The SMALLER Loading Tray has adjustable sides in both height and width to accommodate all sizes of bags. This tray has been designed to fit all net bag sizes, widths and lengths. The trays narrow down to take wood from 28cm/11″ in width up to the widest of 40cm/16″.

The LARGER Loading Tray takes wood from minimum width of 11″  and then adjustable up to lengths of 17″. The sides are fixed.

Fill the tray with Firewood or Kindling, then just slide the net over the tray, tilt the tray forward while holding the net and all the wood slides into the net filling it in seconds. Tie off the bag, and thats the job done.

This design of tray is very strong and durable. A powder-coated paint has been used which will help to make the product last for years.

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